High Performance Masters Monthly Training

Be Jeanette's guest for a new in-depth master's level training on High Performance topics geared to help you boost your levels of performance and unleash your full potential. 

Trainings will be announced approximately one week in advanced and broadcast live so you can join in for a live Q&A.  You will also receive a video recording uploaded to your persona website so you can review as often as you want! 

In this monthly training, we'll take a deep dive into topics such as:

- Creating and sustaining personal life balance and harmony even while accomplishing big goals;

- Harnessing the success mindset that sets the highest achievers apart from everyone else;

- Navigating life's conflicts and problems to create positive, peaceful resolutions;

- Harmonizing relationships, growing connectedness, and developing a deeper sense of meaning in every interaction;

- Productivity habits of high performers that you can quickly and easily apply to reduce your hours, boost your output, and spent more time in freedom!

You'll also have access to our incredible online community, where Jeanette is also available to support you and answer questions and provide perspective through the year! Now that is worth the price of admission alone!