A Little About My Story...

It's hard to put a person's life story onto one page, but here's some highlights...and my best attempt at letting you get to know me:

Things I'm Proud of Being and Doing:

  • An honorably discharged, decorated combat veteran, U.S. Air Force officer.
  • Deployed to Iraq, flew in combat on EC-130H Compass Call airplanes. Earned an Air Medal.
  • One of the most experienced Certified High Performance Coaches in the world. 
  • Member of an elite group of 8 chosen to launch a startup (which we grew to 8 figures in 2 years).
  • Educated and Degreed Professional: Master’s Degree in Finance; Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems
  • A personal development expert with thousands of hours of personal development courses and books under my belt.
  • A super-mom to one amazing daughter that I’ve raised on my own. 
  • Pulled my life back from bankruptcy and built a pretty awesome life. I love helping others create awesome lives and businesses too. 

Speaker & Trainer

  • Taught a 4-Hour High Performance Workshop at Entrepreneur Summit Dallas, 2017.
  • Trained over 300 eager entrepreneurs at No Excuses Summit 7, 2016.
  • Shared my story for the first time on stage in front of nearly 500 people at World's Greatest Speaker Training, 2015.
  • Mentored under a couple of my idols, Brendon Burchard and Bo Eason. 
  • Inspired large crowds of over 100 people a dozen or more times. 

Air Force Combat Veteran

A few things I'm proud of:

  • Graduated at the top of my class from a very competitive flight school.
  • Earned the "Academic Ace" and "Academic Excellence" Awards in Flight School.
  • Received an Air Medal for extraordinary service in combat.
  • Served in Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF).
  • Served as the Squadron Chief of Security, a privilege rarely given to new lieutenants.


Mom to an Awesome Daughter 

A few things I'm proud of:

  • My daughter, Kayla, is super smart, well-adjusted, confident, and kicking butt in the gifted program at school.
  • I credit her for giving me a purpose--a reason outside of myself to try hard and do well. 
  • Our journey started when we were bankrupt and could barely afford food.
  • It was this journey that taught me what's really important and showed me what's possible when you put your mind to it and never quit. 

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