Mission-Focused, Growth-Minded Military Vet, Leader, Coach & Trainer. 

When the results matter, you can count on me to deliver. 

Meet Jeanette

My daughter thinks of me as a superhero.
My clients think of me as life-changer.
My friends think of me as the trusted, loyal girl they can go to for advice on anything.

Things I'm Proud of Being and Doing:

  • An honorably discharged, decorated combat veteran, U.S. Air Force officer.
  • Deployed to Iraq, flew in combat on EC-130H Compass Call airplanes. Earned an Air Medal.
  • A member of the first graduating class of Certified High Performance Coaches and one of the most experienced in the world. 
  • Member of the original group of 8 CHPCs selected by my mentor to represent him and grow the coaching arm of his business (which we grew from 0 to 8 figures in 2 years). 
  • Educated and Degreed Professional: Master’s Degree in Management & Finance; Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems; not to mention countless personal development books and courses. 
  • A former network marketing professional and coach/trainer to a 4-time top 10 network marketing team. 
  • A super-mom to one amazing daughter that I’ve raised on my own. 
  • Pulled my life back from bankruptcy and built a six-figure business working from home, without returning to a regular J-O-B.

Cool Things People Have Said About Me

All these testimonials are verifiable. And just a few of many. Have questions? Just ask.

"Jeanette quickly recognized my skillsets and saw in me what I hadn't seen in myself. She helped me recognize where I was and showed me how to realize the potential for where I could be."

Paul G., Phoenix, AZ, USA
Military Vet, U.S. Marine Corp, Coach

"This was the BEST experience EVER! Jeanette is a life-changer!"

Becky D., Atlanta, GA, USA
National Spokesperson for a Fortune 500 Women's Entrepreneur Initiative

"I ended up loving Jeanette the moment I first spoke to her! One of my favorite things about working with her was her openness, honesty, directness, and her ability to pull things out of me that helped me move forward."

Stacey R., New York, NY, USA
Entrepreneur, Personal Coach

"I am a blessed person that always ends up with the best people. And Jeanette was no exception. The energy and experience Jeanette brings was a very positive push and helped me have my best and most positive year ever."

Pike P., Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Multi-focused Entrepreneur

"Jeanette was so positive and energetic and, no matter what mood I was in, Jeanette made it so easy to talk and work through things. It was my favorite hour of the week. "

Lynn M., Woodland Hills, CA, USA
Single Mom of Twins, Entrepreneur